Carlo Merlin


With the deepest sadness we announce that our beloved Carlo Merlin passed away before his time after a brief and aggressive illness. Born in Cerea on November 29, 1949, Carlo has been an upright entrepreneur who has always worked with determination, force of will, and engagement in order to fulfill his dream of developing a small but noteworthy company, founded and directed by him together with his brother Giuseppe for more than 30 years. Together they have reached achievements of great satisfaction.

Carlo was a serious man, a genuine and private person, and a hard worker, whose philanthropic activities had always been carried out in an elegant silence, since he was driven by the will to do more than to say. In the same silence, with the same dignity and peace of mind he lived in, he passed away on Wednesday, May 16, cherished by the affection of his loved ones in his last journey. The funeral services took place in private form Friday, May 18. Carlo provided us with a great example, both as a man and as an entrepreneur endowed with a great amount of humanity, measured courage, seriousness and nobility. His legacy will support us in the further life of the company, now guided by his brother Giuseppe alone, who has taken up the challenge of carrying on the activity with renewed engagement.

"It is not how much we do,
but how much love
we put in the doing:
we should do small things
with great love."

Mother Teresa

Where the Y.Poplar?


Poplar is a specie with very easy and quick production but the availability is no there. In this moment this is due to:

- wheather: the artic conditions are reducing the speed of production

- Cants: the prices of cants paid today 450 $, make the swmill to prefer them instad to cut the lumber (2 com poplar lumber is paid today 350 $)

- Logs: Asia markets are buying butt cut and secon cut at any condition. this left over for the sawmill only the poor logs.

Availability is very important


During second part of 2017, mainly on US domestic market, the prices of green lumber were stronger than KD. This faced on Red Oak, Walnut and W.Ash.

Prices on Hardwoods


Prices on Hardwoods are pury steady. The only hot species due to low availability and increased demand are Ash, Cherry and Walnut.

New records on Export from USA


USA hardwood lumber exports riched a new record with about 398,000 m3 shipped during September 2017.

In addition to that, the average level of prices during last year, from September 2016 to September 2017, went up 7.3%.

Annual Convention NHLA 2017


Late October the annual NHLA Convention was held in Nashville, TN. Thousands of people attended and the major issue seems to be the export of hardwoods logs. More and more people are now against the export of logs because this practise start to effect the USA sawmills.

Tulipwood use for CLT


New projects with Tulipwood use on CLT will open new opportunities.   



Between 2007 and 2012, the volume of hardwood trees standing in USA increased at a rate of 124 million m3 per year (even after harvesting and natural mortality is taken into account). That's about 4 m3 of new growth every second.

J.M.Jones celebrates 100 years!




100 year member

Click To View J.M Jones 100 Years

J.M. Jones Lumber Company celebrates 100 years of consecutive membership with NHLA this year. In September, NHLA staff and the all-star team of Running Pony Productions traveled to Natchez, Mississippi to document this remarkable achievement. The company was honored at the Opening Session of the 2014 NHLA Annual Convention & Exhibit Showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada last week.

 Click on the photo (left) to view this wonderful film as we congratulate this multigenerational company and wish them another 100 years of continued success! 



Updates Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine Policy


Starting July 1st is effective the update regulation on the new map enclosed.